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Project your strength:

We all know that strength is fundamental in athletics. However, if you cannot project that strength against your opponent or in the direction of the task, it is worthless.

The Solution:

The Dual Renegade Bars allow you to incorporate the horizontal traction force that’s used anytime you drive forward, backpedal or move from side to side.

This horizontal traction force allows you to project your strength in a direction other than straight up. It is impossible to get this benefit through traditional weightlifting because horizontal force traction is discouraged.

The Dual Renegade Bars are the next generation of angled bar training that allow you to train smart and hard!  Its cutting edge ergonomic design allows you to lift heavy in a 100% joint pain-free environment.

Product Information :

Weight: 41 pounds per bar
Construction: Steel
Width: 64 inches
Depth: 100.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 150 pounds per bar
Minimum working load: 25 pounds per bar
Minimum ceiling height for vertical storage: 109 inches

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